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snowy snowy

Seattle and snow.  Such a  beautiful combination.  Sometimes we move so fast, letting ourselves get irritated that traffic is terrible, or people cannot drive in the snow, or wondering why the city only has 20 snowplows…

But maybe it is so we can work from home, in front of the fire, with snow steadily coming down outside the window all day long.  And, instead of a lunch break, you are able to  take a snow walk around your neighborhood.  In lieu of cars driving,  you see children sledding down your road, couples skiing where sidewalks once were, and neighbors venturing to the local hot spot……
DSC 0329 560x375 snowy snowy

DSC 0299 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0301 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0317 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0307 375x560 snowy snowy

DSC 0305 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0314 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0318 374x560 snowy snowy

DSC 0323 374x560 snowy snowy

DSC 0324 374x560 snowy snowy

DSC 0320 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0330 560x374 snowy snowy

DSC 0321 374x560 snowy snowy


DSC 0334 374x560 snowy snowy



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The next big thing?

Did you guys see these “snowing” LED light tubes around this winter? With a whole series you can really make your yard look like the snow is coming down, its pretty mesmerizing. I took this short video at the Garden d’lights where they had a whole area FULL of them. LOVE. {note, the video does have sound, but its just crowd background noise so you’re not missing anything if you mute before playing}

Too bad from what I can tell they are like $20 a pop AND you have to buy connector cords. Hmm. Maybe next year the price will come down and we can put that awesomeness all over our house!

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Ten on ten, its a new year!

So excited to get fully back on board with ten on ten this month to start the new year off on a great note. It was especially exciting for me today since I got to take my new Nikon D3100 for a spin! I took the obligatory photo in the rearview mirror since I wanted to see how my new toy was lookin’ icon wink Ten on ten, its a new year!

Mostly it was a work day with a looong to-do list. I did manage to catch some great morning skies, a quick trip to the gym over lunch, and a snap of the Seattle Blogger meet up that Lyndsay organized. A fun day!

Head over to Rebekah’s wonderful blog to see all the other sets. New to ten on ten? Read more about it here. Its such a wonderful community to have become a part of in 2011, we’re really excited for the year ahead!

January one Ten on ten, its a new year!

January two Ten on ten, its a new year!

january three Ten on ten, its a new year!

january four Ten on ten, its a new year!

january five Ten on ten, its a new year!

january six Ten on ten, its a new year!

january seven Ten on ten, its a new year!

January eight Ten on ten, its a new year!

January nine Ten on ten, its a new year!

January ten Ten on ten, its a new year!

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the fluff on the trees

nov 091 1024x685 the fluff on the trees

pre-Thanksgiving…. i went on a “fall” retreat with my small group girls.  I say “fall” … because well…. there was very little “fall” in sight.  Instead, I got to drive up the mountain with snow falling.  Seven miles from the lodge,  we had to put chains on the vans, so I have now officially driven with chains!  The whole landscape, that dark snowy night… was just breathtaking.   The tall trees had so much fluff on them, untouched.

nov 049 685x1024 the fluff on the trees

We pulled in, and I began to blast Christmas music… Winter Wonderland, to be exact.

nov 077 1024x685 the fluff on the trees

On Saturday,  I snowshoed for the first time ever, and it was oh so fun!  We pounded through untouched snow, all around the lodge.  It was so quiet!  And powdery!  And such a great workout, especially when we wandered quite far downhill and back up!  I wish I had pictures of this part, but the reality is, I spent a solid three hours outside… and several times, espcially while sledding… the snow won!  I was covered, and too busy throwing snowballs to take pictures!

 nov 071 1024x685 the fluff on the trees

This all occurred two weeks before Thanksgiving..and all the sudden it kind of felt like Christmas.  Only, like I arrived at Christmas with nothing required.  I show up with merely some snow gear and drive the van full of kids.  The youth staff takes care of providing talks and small group curriculum and worship.  The lodge has snowshoes to try, and sleds to ride, and games and puzzles to play, and food to eat.

 nov 039 1024x685 the fluff on the trees

And my girls….. they show up with laughter and some tears and homework and smiles.  And … wait for it…. they show up with Christmas decorations for our room.  Yes, they do indeed rock, in case you wondered.  Streamers, glittery garlands, lights… and a big red bow for our front door.  Seriously, they are perfect.  And God, well he shows up too, in big and powerful ways, to touch me, through these kids.  I always am amazed.  I hope that moment of amazement never departs from me.

nov 032 685x1024 the fluff on the trees

Some days I  have to really fight for Christmas to be like that too.  Because the reality is… all I have to do is show up, not worried so much about the details, the lists, it all.  All I have to do is show up and enjoy it.  Enjoy each minute of this season, each homemade gift, each strand of lights, each excuse to see a friend, each song to jingle to, each pair of fun socks, each advent worship song.

nov 064 1024x685 the fluff on the trees

enjoy it, even when it seems too full.  You can sleep in January, after all.


Fa la la!

 nov 030 1024x685 the fluff on the trees


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on our winter tablescape.



look at the peeks of sunshine that have graced Seattle this week!  Sunny and 50 — feels like spring!

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