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Sunday Pins

Gosh, its been awhile since we’ve done one of these! In Seattle we are having a stretch of insanely beautiful weather, and while I haven’t been at my computer pinning a ton, I have been feeling inspired and I thought I’d pass some of that inspiration along. These are my five favorite recent pins:

a39941d7335d77ddaa2925a803c7a1be Sunday Pins

This palette for summer entertaining (with the added bonus of being able to reuse for the wedding)

bea7c4885d1db4e4d6165a64183c4195 560x560 Sunday Pins

This rope tub from the Container Store. Patio ice bucket, blankets for outdoor movie night (can you tell I’m feeling summer in my core)

c5438cd0cadbb867bda69ac9f8ee89a8 Sunday Pins

A simple but INSANELY beautiful arrangement of garden lilacs. From Martha, of course.

23768d24b0f175355e7bf33d56e8f402 560x375 Sunday Pins

My friend Lexy painted these votives. I just bought a couple similar ones from Target to play with for colorful centerpieces, and I may DIY the rest with this technique so cut down on costs. (Lexy also just found out she’s having a baby GIRL. Go leave congrats!)

52b744e5760bc8d92c9dd9f336c3867a 560x420 Sunday Pins

DYING over this Canned with Love Stamp. Want to put it on my birthday list, but I will have already canned so many things before August, I’m not sure I can wait.

You can find me on Pinterest here and D on pinterest here. Leave your pinterest link in the comments, we’d love to be friends!

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Ten on Ten: April 2013

I love doing ten on ten during the spring time. So many vibrant colors to capture. Today started out bleak and gloomy, but I got some great news and it mellowed into a pretty balmy evening so all in all a win for a Wednesday!

20130410 092336 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 093355 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 093454 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 105612 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 105634 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 114018 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 134148 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 135524 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 192504 Ten on Ten: April 2013

20130410 214059 Ten on Ten: April 2013

Tucked up in there is the first PASS of my set of seven architecture licensing exams! woohoo. It has been really hard to move forward with studying for another exam without knowing how I did on the first one, and getting this letter today really put some wind in my sails. phew.

Jump over to Rebekah’s blog to check out all the other amazing sets. Spring time abounds!

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Finally my dream outfit

Do you have a favorite color? Do you wish it was socially acceptable to dress head to toe in that color?

Yesterday I logged onto banana republic to check out some sale items and was greeted with this image:

Turq outfit 560x271 Finally my dream outfit

Looks like I can finally wear turquoise on teal with some aqua accessories. woohoo! This is how you’ll spot me this spring icon wink Finally my dream outfit

Are there any other tone on tone outfits or home designs you’ve been coveting this season of bright colors? There are some others in my dwelling and wardrobe pinterest boards.

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Finding the right stamps

Hey everyone, its finally feeling like springtime, eh?

Did you guys see my contributions to a post over at The Stationery Place last week? Lyndsey and I chatted all about places to find eclectic postage stamps, both new and old. I’m not content with standard american flag forever stamps, so I always like to peruse for whats fun via USPS and also in the vintage realm. Go check out the links that Lyndsey shared in her post.

This morning I was actually perusing through to see if there was anything new and exciting. I think we’re going to get these kaleidoscope flowers for our Save the Dates, and I wanted to see if anything else caught my eye. And catch my eye something did:

vintage seed packet stamps usps forever 560x467 Finding the right stamps

Aren’t these so pretty? The colors and theme fit perfectly for our spring 2014 wedding. I think i’m going to preorder a bunch of these and supplement with some blue/green vintage stamps depending on how heavy our invites end up getting. You never know what you’re going to find on the post office website, I always encourage people to check it out because the physical post office very rarely carries any of the most fun options!

{ps – another tip for buying wedding postage? make sure to buy enough to cover sending pre-wedding thank you notes from showers and bachelorette gifts}

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Springtime Wedding Inspiration (and some fun news)

Wedding planning is coming along. We have our venue, our photographer (who also shot our engagement photos), and I have a dress (! more on that soon). Oh, and I have shoes. So really, I’m set haha. There are a couple of really fun design projects that I’ve enlisted some blog friends to help with along the way, so I thought I out to share our inspiration board that I’ve put together.

I knew from the building that I loved the richness and texture of renovated industrial venues. I’ve been constantly inspired by the fetes i’ve seen thrown at The Foundry in NY and Lucques in LA. So, we were looking to set that as the backdrop and infuse the decor with a bit of fresh color for the springtime, and some midcentury touches to reflect our vintage aesthetic. After a couple of iterations, this is what we came up with:

Wedding Inspiration Board R2 copy 499x560 Springtime Wedding Inspiration (and some fun news)

My favorite color is obviously turquoise, and erik loves bright warm oranges and yellows, so we’re balancing that against the brick backdrop. And add in twinkle lights and some sparkle, naturally. I’m hesitant to really pick “wedding colors” per se, I think we’ll just go with what we love and it will all come together organically (or in a giant colorful explosion). Either way, we’ll be ecstatic.

I was originally going to share the evolution of this board to show how it evolved after we really started to look at how it was reflecting US and not just what I thought was pretty. But thats where the exciting news comes in. Later this spring, I’m going to start contributing as a “Blogging Bride” over at the lovely site Engaged & Inspired. I’ll be sharing weekly inspiration and lessons learned from our wedding planning journey, so I’m sure I’ll be getting more in depth into all our inspiration over there. I’ll let you guys know once those start and can’t wait to let loose all the details!



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