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april sponsor shout out

Sponsor post copy april sponsor shout outCan you believe April is almost over? I know everyone is saying it, but wow this year is flying by.  The last week of every month we take a few moments to highlight some of the awesome things our sponsors have been doing.

This month we’ve also welcomed a new sponsor swap blog – Kerry and Dalton at Eat Make Play. They’re two ladies who blog together just like us so I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

hankandhuntbanner1 560x191 april sponsor shout out

Jenny has started a new  series for summer entertaining called Color Coded Coolers. We loved the first installment! She also has fiestas on the brain (who doesn’t?!)

stationaryplace 560x140 april sponsor shout out

Lyndsey also has fiestas on the brain, sharing a roundup of fiesta invitations. She also did an awesome showcase on Igloo Letterpress. Allison from Igloo was my roomie at Alt, so I loved seeing this showcase of her work.

rebekah header 560x96 april sponsor shout out

Rebekah made some awesome paint chip easter egg treats. Bookmark these for next year! She also had an absolutely beautiful set for ten on ten this month. She’s expecting her 4th little one in just a few weeks!

lgp212bannernunu 560x148 april sponsor shout out

Vanessa finished her 100 movies project (which is a feat I’m super impressed with!). She also did a round up of future family traditions – such an interesting thing to ponder how to recreate those memories of childhood.

BanneEatMakePlayTBckgcopy 1 560x98 april sponsor shout out

Kerry & Dalton shared a great recipe for Huevos Rancheros (to continue our fiesta theme!). They, too, are suckers for anything turquoise (I knew there was a reason we’re blog buddies).

Go visit our sponsors and share the love!


We participate in sponsorship swaps. It is our belief that this is the best way for small blogs to support each other to make this all happen. We are supported by blogs and shops who we also choose to support Advertising on their blogs to get exposure to our etsy shops helps make our blog possible, so please pay them a visit to help make theirs possible, too!

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Swap Buddies

Sponsor post copy Swap Buddies

You might have noticed in the last month or so that some sidebar ads have been popping up here on ravenna girls. These our our new sponsor swap partners. I’d love to introduce to you:

4369201472 97b8e2693b Swap Buddies

Vanessa from Little Gray Pixel. Lately she’s been crossing off the list of 100 movies you should watch before you die, and having beautiful sun-drenched photo shoots. Vanessa has been the most generous sponsor host we could ask for, and we hope she finds a home here as part of the ravenna girls family. Go give her some love!

 Swap Buddies

Jenny from Hank and Hunt. I met Jenny before alt, but we got to party it up a bit while we were there, and she’s fan-tastic. She’s the queen of party crafts and just this week she’s knocked it out of the park with a chalkboard crown DIY and a confetti table cloth over at Oh Happy Day where she is a new contributor. Check out her archives, there are some amazing projects there!

IMG 1015CollectionCollection small Swap Buddies

Lyndsey from The Stationery Place. When we went to the Handmade Weekend booksigning last fall, Lyndsey walked right up to us and introduced herself, and it was one of the greatest blogging connections we’ve ever made. New to Seattle, she’s put her heart into getting some of us offline and meeting one another which has been totally awesome. Check out the latest in her Seattle Paper series where she is tracking down “every stationery shop, designer, and distributor in the Northwest”!

Welcome, ladies, we’re so happy to have you!


A note on sponsor swaps: For awhile we’d been sponsoring Vanessa’s blog when at the beginning of the year she announced that she was switching her ad policy to swap only. And that got us thinking: sponsor swaps are a beautiful thing. Ad pricing on small up and coming blogs (like ours) can be all over the place, and the ability to do a swap makes it a less arbitrary process. Plus, this encourages us to feature sponsors that we would also have feature us, in other words, people we heart big time.  Its much like swapping blog buttons, but with a monthly commitment to help feature projects and grow each others community. We plan to have a limited number of swaps to start in order to make sure everyone gets lots of love, because no one wants to get lost in a sea of sponsors! A couple times a month we’ll be introducing current and new sponsors as well as highlighting some of our favorite happenings at their blogs.

If you’re interested in chatting about the possibility of a sponsorship swap, shoot us an e-mail: ravennagirls [at] gmail [dot] com.

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