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Belated Birthday Treat (Yo Self)

Remember how last month was my 30th birthday? Turns out 30 doesn’t feel that different from 29, except that I got crazy back into Barre and am trying paleo this week.

Also, I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. I have some very generous gift givers in my life, and this year many of them gave me a little spending money to buy something I’d been really wanting. The problem is that in the era of pinterest there are a lot of sweet things to covet (I realize this is not actually a problem in the true sense of the word).

I’ve narrowed down three beautiful things that I’ve had my eye on for a little while:
ravenna girls september shopping pics birthday treat yo self Belated Birthday Treat (Yo Self)

[Block Shop Scarf] [Hedley Bennet Apron special Brika edition] [Leif Earrings]

Which one would you pick? I am dying over those earrings (so rustic, so chic, SO TURQUOISE) but I have a lot of beautiful jewelry that doesn’t get worn nearly enough. I’ve been coveting one of those beautiful aprons, for awhile, too, and thats something I need much more. But, my friend Lauren has described her Block Shop scarf as a true heirloom, and I think an heirloom that I can cherish for a long time coming might be the perfect way to remember the start of my 30th year – a year that holds so much excitement and change for me.

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Love Month Projects



With the month of love upon us we thought we’d share some projects from the archives to get your crafty juices flowing this weekend.

Conversation Heart Door Han1 Love Month Projects

[Conversation Heart Door Hangers]

2011feb valentines 0142 Love Month Projects

[Lil Love Monsters]

Valentines Mantle 2012 3 560x355 Love Month Projects

[Glittered Blocks]

picnic color2 Love Month Projects


[Special Memory Coloring Book Pages]

vintage book and fabric valentine 2012 2 560x396 1 Love Month Projects

[Vintage Fabric Bookmarks]

valentine 5 Love Month Projects

[Security Envelope Valentines]

This weekend I’ll be working on my contribution for Lyndsey’s Handmade Valentine Swap. What projects are you up to?

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Merry Metallic Hostess Gift

You know how sometimes you just want to put together a sweet little gift thats perfect for a friend, aunt, or party hostess? Quick and easy but pretty, festive, and also useful? Yeah, this is that.

Easy Holiday Hostess Gift by the ravenna girls Merry Metallic Hostess Gift

The base for this little package are silver brioche molds I snagged at world market (just $2 a piece!). I was wandering the aisles and couldn’t resist their little fluted edges and satin sheen. Pretttty. So I snagged the 4 for $8 bucks. steal. Since we have  a glut of homemade preserves this year (see blueberry madness ’12), I chose to wrap mine up with some blueberry lavender jam as a combo to be served with cheese or on a breakfast buffet. You could also wrap it with fancy mustard, salsa, or a concoction of your own choosing. Really anything that later can be served in a pretty little dish.

Small Jam Jar Index Card label by the ravenna girls Merry Metallic Hostess Gift

I punched out a 2″ circle from an oversized index card and wrote a little handwritten label, stuck to the top with double sided tape. Easy peasy.

DSC 1351 Merry Metallic Hostess Gift

Create a little swirl of tinsel, nestle your edibles right into, and if you’re feeling really fancy tuck in a teeny serving spoon. I got these white ceramic ones from CB2. Wrap it up with a bright ribbon and off you go!

Easy Jam Jar Hostess Gift by the Ravenna Girls Merry Metallic Hostess Gift

PS – I also like this patterned ramekin DIY if you want something a little jazzier.

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Lotta for Fishs Eddy

Starting out this week with a really fun find! Textile and pattern genius Lotta Jansdotter has collaborated on a line for home goods resource Fishs Eddy. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen these popping up on more blogger gift guides.

Lotta Fishs Eddy 560x123 Lotta for Fishs Eddy

Believe me when I say I need any of these like a hole in the head: my turquoise dish collection exists in epic proportions. But the serving tray and cakestand especially are so super pretty, dontcha think? I also love the linens, especially the apron. Fishs Eddy does gift registries so perhaps I’ll bookmark these for days to come.

GOL110112.big  Lotta for Fishs Eddy

GOL110111.big  Lotta for Fishs Eddy

GOL113608.big  Lotta for Fishs Eddy

CERLJLVSDTEA.big  Lotta for Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy always has such great price points – these would be easy to snag as gifts for the ladies in your life or even to have on hand as a hostess gift through the New Year. What do you think? Which piece is your favorite?


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Pin and Purchase

Instead of always just sharing our prettiest pins of the week/month/season, I thought it would be fun to share some things that were so enticing that after pinning, we purchased. That way we can share little reviews, too!

I try not to do this TOO often, because, well, monies. But I have made a couple purchases inspired directly from pinterest and I’d love to share how its turned out.

pin and purchase copy Pin and Purchase

First up, these organic rhinestone earrings from Kenneth Cole. When I saw these pinned I assume they were an independent jeweler and pretty pricey, so I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the link and they were less than $25 smackaroos. Plus: Free shipping from Piperlime! Score.

I LOVE these, and have received a ton of compliments on how “different” they are. The only downside so far is that I have lost a couple of the smallest rhinestones already. Because they are so organic, its actually not noticeable, but I’m sure if the larger fell out it would be. I might try to exchange them, but haven’t decided if the hassle is worth it yet. Also, I’m the lazy type that wears earrings in the shower and to bed, so it could be totally my fault.

178455203955850298 VAcsE2q7 c1 Pin and Purchase

You can find these and more shiny jewelry-type objects on my Sparkle Pinterest Board.


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