Paris: The Gardens

Ah, Paris.  This weekend, as I was working on this paper I had a hard time finding the words for, my mind kept wandering to Paris.  I’m ready to return and explore again. Paris has some extraordinary outdoor space which, in the month of May, is in bloom with a multitude of tulips. I might […]

Finding the right stamps

Hey everyone, its finally feeling like springtime, eh? Did you guys see my contributions to a post over at The Stationery Place last week? Lyndsey and I chatted all about places to find eclectic postage stamps, both new and old. I’m not content with standard american flag forever stamps, so I always like to peruse […]

On taking some tests. . .

Have you guys seen Tammie Bennett’s new Dear Universe project? She’s combining her awesome illustration skills with a weekly prayer to those in need. Its really very heartfelt and clever – go follow along. I’ll be sharing more on a recent collaboration with Tammie in the next couple weeks, but needless to say she’s pretty […]