Seattle had a string of really great weather this month (well, last month I suppose as it will be June before I post this). It was superb for a lot of things: getting some vitamin D, reclaiming the yard from winter weeds, excitement about summer months. But was also bad in some ways. I’ve mentioned […]


It has been some of the most perfect weather here in the Pacific Northwest lately.   It feels like summer.  70, sun, shorts and flip flops.  Rollerblading around greenlake and patio furniture all set out and sunglasses.  It is amazing how just a little sun can seem to make things better. I have been feeling immensely […]


We’re all over the interwebs today! Popping in to share a few fun features, and new social media! If you’re new here today, leave a comment and say hello Sharing our Little Corners over at Design Crush (photo by me, graphic embellishments by Design Crush) Showcasing a colorful collection at Gather and Hunt as part […]