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Seattle had a string of really great weather this month (well, last month I suppose as it will be June before I post this). It was superb for a lot of things: getting some vitamin D, reclaiming the yard from winter weeds, excitement about summer months. But was also bad in some ways.

I’ve mentioned here before my particular love for cole slaw (of many varieties). I really love creating summer cabbage salads, as well as experimenting with slaw for things like fish tacos.

When we visited Swanson’s for our early spring start purchase, we snagged a small pack of cabbage starts to put in the ground for an early season harvest. Since cabbage (and other brassicas) are cold weather crops, they don’t grow well through the summer so you aim for an early season harvest and then plant again in august for a september/october harvest. Last year we started too late to get an early season harvest in, but did pretty well with a late batch.

Ravennagirls Savoy Cabbage 560x374 Bolted!


Those successful cabbages from last year were Savoy if I remember right, and I loved their more delicate crinkled texture. When we grabbed the flat this spring, I ended up settling on a Napa Chinese cabbage to achieve the same effect. Well, apparently that was the beginning of the downward spiral.

RavennaGirls Cabbage Starts1 Bolted!

As I mentioned before, cabbage are cold weather crops which means they are susceptible to bolting (going to seed) when the weather gets too warm. We’ve had a slight problem with this in the past, but mostly with other brassicas like kale and brussel sprouts. This year, though, the weather turned a little warm for over a week and BAM the cabbage bolted sky high with flowers everywhere.

RavennaGirls Chinese Cabbage Bolting Bolted!

RavennaGirls Chinese Cabbage Bolting 2 Bolted!

Once this happens, they’re pretty much dunzo. With some plants, the problem is that the greens get pretty bitter. With these types, I usually try to braise them or saute them in a pasta sauce and its not too noticeable. On these, though, the bottom of the leaves got all stiff and spiky! Scary and definitely not too edible.

Turns out after further research that Chinese Cabbage are much more prone to bolt than even other types of cabbage. Woops. So, that was our first fun experiment for the year. I guess it will be farm stand cabbage until I can get another crop in the ground for fall harvest. Bummer icon sad Bolted!

I ripped them out and put some anaheim chile starts in their place. They’re so cute! We had terrible luck with peppers last year since the summer was so crappy, but I have high hopes for our second attempt.

RavennaGirls Anaheim Chile Start Bolted!

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DSC 0625 374x560 tulipsIt has been some of the most perfect weather here in the Pacific Northwest lately.   It feels like summer.  70, sun, shorts and flip flops.  Rollerblading around greenlake and patio furniture all set out and sunglasses.  It is amazing how just a little sun can seem to make things better.

DSC 0831 374x560 tulips

I have been feeling immensely overwhelmed lately.  One of those times where I am going through all the motions of my day, responding ‘fine’ when anyone asks me how I am doing, feeling frustrated at  the end of every day that I just could not get it all done, no matter how hard I tried.  I keep making excuses.  Too much good stuff, this project is nearly done, sure I can do that, and that too… I haven’t been sleeping well, maybe I’m getting sick?

Then the other day I finally found a moment to catch up with a friend….we had been rescheduling this lunch date for 2 months.  And after we finished eating, we seemed to get down too….no, how are you really?  No agenda, no time commitment, nothing.  And I found it all come stumbling out.

Sure I am still tired.  But the sun is shining.


last fall we planted some tulip bulbs in the backyard.  100 of them.  The bulbs have been waiting all winter, then growing this spring.  How grand they are when all revealed.

DSC 0834 374x560 tulips

DSC 0835 560x374 tulips

DSC 0832 560x374 tulips

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We’re all over the interwebs today! Popping in to share a few fun features, and new social media! If you’re new here today, leave a comment and say hello icon smile Elsewhere

RavennaGirls 1 Design Crush 419x560 Elsewhere

Sharing our Little Corners over at Design Crush (photo by me, graphic embellishments by Design Crush)

Ravenna Girls Turquoise Vessels 3 560x372 Elsewhere

Showcasing a colorful collection at Gather and Hunt as part of the Curated Life Series.

6e93b9907de911e1989612313815112c 7 560x560 Elsewhere

Snapping away on Instagram which finally came out for android! You can follow me, I’m RavennaGirlB

 il 570xN 309131136 560x373 Elsewhere

 And don’t forget, this is the last week to use code HOPPYEASTER for 15% off either of our etsy shops: Handmade and Vintage.

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breaking news…..

spotted in our dining room this morning…..

DSC 0032 374x560 breaking news.....

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looking back at 2011…

… a lot happened! Isn’t it amazing that while time flies so quickly when you look back you managed to pack a ton of stuff in! Here’s my recap of life in 2011 (Be prepared for a ton of photos!)

2011 Header B copy looking back at 2011...

While January was a relaxed month (with a quick trip to Virginia), February hit the ground running! First, for Valentines Day I crafted up some security envelope valentines

IMG 0948 looking back at 2011...

…and at the end of the month went to Utah to visit my childhood bestie Kaitlyn, her husband Jeremy and awesome daughter, Journey.

Utah 5 looking back at 2011...

In March, we officially started participating in Rebekah’s Ten on Ten photo series. We also went to a Seattle blogger meet up and met some fabulous ladies. Its been a wonderful year to establish a community of online friends icon smile looking back at 2011...

March 10on10 7 looking back at 2011...

IMG 1071 looking back at 2011...

We also started planning our veggie garden for the summer (and I got all crazy with the plans).

RaisedBeds 2011 looking back at 2011...

In April, it was back to Virginia! Erik and I did a little nature walking and also visited the Chrysler Museum (free!) in downtown Norfolk.


IMG 1132 looking back at 2011...


IMG 1119 looking back at 2011...

In May, D and I went with my parents to Eastern WA and we stumbled upon a vintage trailer show. I wanted to take them all home!

IMG 1311 looking back at 2011...

June was Washington DC with Jackie for our friend Sarah’s wedding. A great weekend of bachelorette partying and exploring the city, then it was back down to Norfolk with Erik for a couple of days.

DSC00064 looking back at 2011...


In July, I went to Silver Falls, OR for a family reunion and we hiked the trail of ten falls.

DSCN1507 looking back at 2011...

Then, Erik was able to snag some leave and come home for his birthday week. I took him to dinner at Ray’s cafe (our fave for Seattle summers – they bring you fleece blankies to curl up with on their deck), and we threw a family BBQ. Also, I grew a giant delicious cabbage #veggienerd.

IMAG0128 looking back at 2011...


sept11 265 looking back at 2011...For my birthday in August, I was surprised by a quick visit from Erik, and then went camping with my parents for a relaxing weekend.

mt adams looking back at 2011...

In September there was a big yard project: We had two trees chopped down and re-planted a perennial bed in their place. At the end of the month I spent 2 weeks in Virginia, but we didn’t do much because the weather was really crummy the whole time.

sept11 706 looking back at 2011...

October meant a trip to San Francisco with Tulane alumns for a great raucous wedding. Then later in the month our Seattle friends Andrea and Mario got married. They had a co-bach party that was 80s roller skating themed. My jacket rocked.

IMG 0352 looking back at 2011...


IMG 0465 looking back at 2011...

November: Veterans day weekend trip to Virginia (starting to see why I’m sick of airports?) and a Champagne picnic in the snow.

winterfire1111 looking back at 2011...

In December we hustled for our annual neighborhood craft show, went to see some sparkly lights, and rang in the yuletide cheer with a glass of bubbly.

garden d lights girls looking back at 2011...

IMAG0275 looking back at 2011...

I earned elite on Continental this year. I flew 30,382 miles which doesn’t include a few flights I took using freq flyer or on other airlines (like my trip to Utah). Boy are my arms tired icon wink looking back at 2011...

Looking back on all these photos left me humbled at what a full and blessed life we lead. I have so much to be thankful for – great friends, amazing family, fantastic boyfriend. The ability to travel, and this blog as an outlet to share little projects. Its really amazing when you think about it, and truly awesome.

Here’s to another wonderful year!!!


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