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How to turn your dining room into a greenhouse

The garden is beginning.  We have compost tilled in, some seeds planted outdoors, and seeds growing like crazy inside.  Seattle summer begins a bit later than some other places, so nights are still too cool for some things.  This generally means that Bri and I have not used our dining room table to eat at in a few weeks…..

The {plant} babies are growing!  The other day I told my small group girls that I could not wait to eat my plant babies.  Although several of them only heard “eat my babies” which caused 15 minutes of hysterical laughter about cannibalism.

Salads, here we come!

Look at the babies:

photo 418x560 How to turn your dining room into a greenhouse

Three things we think are invaluable to growing inside:

1.  Grow Bulb:  Did you know we have many hours of clouds in the spring?  So, we took out our normal bulb in the dining room and replaced it with this grow light.

light bulb How to turn your dining room into a greenhouse

2.  Warming Mat:  This guy sits under the trays and warms the dirt!seedling heat mat How to turn your dining room into a greenhouse


3.  Fancy Soil from Sky Nursery.  Its organic and specially mixed for growing seeds indoors in flats.  Plus, when you heat it with the warming mat, it makes your house smell like very healthy and wet compost.  YUM!


How are your babies looking?  What are you planting this year?  Anything you love growing from seed?



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Monthly Mantel February


DSC 0070 Monthly Mantel February

DSC 0035 374x560 Monthly Mantel February

Slowly, as Christmas came down, February began to emerge.  B deserves most of the credit, as she distracted me from Christmas mourning with the arrival of new things for February.  We brought out some white and red winter pieces and lots of candles so the living room seems to glow at night.

DSC 0020 560x374 Monthly Mantel February

I got these incredible sweater trees from my sister which are the perfect height on either side of the mantel.  B got me glass beaded garland in pinks and greens from Crate and Barrel.  Plus, our friend Jackie got me a red deer made of birch.  Can you spot him on the top shelf?

DSC 0017 560x373 Monthly Mantel February

B retruned from ALT with some great prints, a new banner from Minted and this adorable “hello” sign {via say hello}.  Pink flowers help the clouds to disappear and for us to remember spring is right around the corner.

DSC 0074 Monthly Mantel FebruaryDSC 0029 373x560 Monthly Mantel February

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Hey October,  Fancy meeting you here.  I’m kind of surprised to see you, but delighted at the same time.  It might be because this is some beautiful weather you are serving us.  When it doesn’t rain all the time, I’m pretty happy.  Plus, less rain equals really happy blooming dahlias for longer.


orange dahlia 560x560 perfection

No really, they are magnificent.  I’m sitting out in the sun.  The morning air is crisp, but I’m sitting out here looking and admiring them.  I have pictures of them in FULL bloom back in late July.  While last year I think the actual plants were larger… this year wins for more blooms for longer.

dahlias 418x560 perfection

The peek up through the leaves.  One day they burst open.  Each one amazes me .  Each petal that looks like the colors were painted on it with perfection.  Each head that soars towards the sky.

purple dahlia 560x560 perfection

I love that the dahlias take us from summer into fall.  Summer’s beauty is still here, but fall is coming in.  And I’m ready.

The summer was magnificently full of friends and family, laughter and learning, exploration and excitement.

2 560x418 perfection

But this morning I feel like I am sitting back and watching fall come in.  I have socks and a fleece on as I read and think.  I stumbled across a few new blogs to delight in discovering.  One had this quote up, which I love, for oh-so-many-reasons.

anne of green gables 387x560 perfection

Pretty terrific!

Plus, this sun means I still get in sunshine rollerblades aroound Greenlake.


1 560x560 perfection


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Veggies from the garden – June Harvest

Because of our kayak trip, we recently missed a weekend in the garden, and when we came back, things had really popped! Some of the veggies that were starting to look ready when we left were for sure ready to harvest (and in a couple instances maybe even a little overdue!). So, this past weekend I got out and made our first true harvest of the season. We’ve been picking lettuce and herbs here and there for a couple months, but this is the first real haul.

Ravenna Girls Broccoli Plant Veggies from the garden   June Harvest

See those little florets peeking through? This is our first success with broccoli, so its exciting! We tried some last summer but they never really took off. It was exciting to see these turn into “real” broccoli.

Ravenna Girls Buttercrunch Lettuce Veggies from the garden   June Harvest

Mmm buttercrunch lettuce. Great to grow in the spring, but not hardy enough for warm weather. We have 6 heads to eat, eep! Lotsa salad around these parts.

Ravenna Girls Kale Veggies from the garden   June Harvest

Purple kale. I don’t remember which variety we got and I can’t find the tag. This probably should have been picked a couple weeks ago, because you can see its getting a little brown around the edges. Oh well! I plan to make some Kaleslaw with this.

 Here’s what I harvested this weekend, but there are 3 more brocolli plants and five more (!!!) heads of lettuce plus lots more kale to pull off the plant. Its great to finally feel like we have enough to make full meals from the yard, though! Last night I whipped up a batch of blasted broccoli to bring for lunch today. YUM.

Ravenna Girls Edible Garden June 2012 Veggies from the garden   June Harvest

The sugar snap peas are also ready, we’ve been snacking away. Gotta love this time of year!

Ravenna Girls Snow Peas Veggies from the garden   June Harvest

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Now that we’re halfway into June, the sun is starting to come out a little more regularly around these parts and its time to think about sitting on the patio sipping a refreshing bevvie. The other day I was snooping around etsy and came across this wonderfully ice yellow serving set at compostthis vintage.

il 570xN.338407878 560x420 LEMONY!

I just love how ice cool the yellow is along with the simple lines and sweet brass detailing. Plus! Ombre! Naturally finding this sweet set led to searching for the web’s perfect lemonade recipes. Luckily for me I came across this roundup of 8 ways to pimp your lemonade. Sold! My faves? Adding orange blossom water or freshly grated ginger.

8ways 381x560 LEMONY!

Those of you who have been reading our blog for awhile might know the real reason behind this celebration of lemons. . . .

3rd House Versary 560x380 LEMONY!

Its our house-a-versary!! 3 years ago today we got the keys to our little lemon house. Its been a great 3 years and hopefully we still have time to crank a few more projects for you while this place is ours icon smile LEMONY! To celebrate, and also celebrate the 3 years we’ve been blogging, we’re having a few fun giveaways later this week, so check back for those!

This also means we’ve beat out Uncle Sam! With the first time homebuyer tax credit, the feds required that the home be your primary residence for 36 months or else you had to repay it. But today, no more risk of that. huzzah!

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