Atomic Bombshells

Hey Seattle! We just got word that there is an awesome show coming to town this week: Have you ever been to a burlesque show? I hadn’t until a couple years ago, but I have to tell you they are SO much fun! I think they’re such an awesome example of female empowerment and the […]

Welcoming Umba

When I was at Alt Summit in January, I was introduced to a cool new company called (at the time) Umba Box. Similar to Birch Box or Whimsey Box, the idea was a monthly subscription which introduced you to handmade wares. Its a really cool concept, and an awesome way for handmade artisans to get […]

31 days….of saying something

It’s pouring.  I’m drinking my third cup of coffee.  I’m writing a paper about how God sends people to restore this world.  I’ve reached the personal reflection part of the assignment, and all my cursor does is blink on the page. I’m stuck. I go through a series of ‘if onlys’ in my head all […]