who are we?


we are b and d.

etsy shop owners @  RavennaGirls.etsy.com and RavennaGirlsVintage.etsy.com

best friends

city of seattle dwellers

with a love for crafting, creating, eating, photographing, home improvement, handmade, and architecture.



18 thoughts on “who are we?

  1. Ravenna girls. Perfect. So excited to find your blog via Decorno. I figured there weren’t too many Ravenna’s in the world. Glad to see other Ravenna, Seattle folk blogging away.

    You know, at some point, us Seattle blog folk should get together. I think all of us live in a 4-block radius. 😉

      1. Hi Ladies, I’m friends with D’s. parents. I live next door to them in OG. I heard about the Brookie recipe, but your Father ate them all(didn’t save me a crumb) Could u please forward the recipe to me. Hope to see u soon at the beach!!!! Thanks

    1. Hey there! Actually, there is a neighbhorhood here in Seattle called Ravenna, which is where we lived when we first started our etsy shop and blog. We get a lot of convos from you Ohio folks, though, must be an active little place.

  2. Adorable stuff in your shops and it’s nice to find your cute blog. I too came here thinking you guys are in Ravenna, OH! We just get excited when we think someone else we find on the internet is from Portage county. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angie! We hear the Ravenna, OH thing a lot – Ravenna is a neighborhood here is Seattle where we lived when we started the blog.

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