Shop Update: Elf kits are back! Bold Bracelets!

Well, we took our sweet time getting around to sprucing the shop for Christmas this year. The buying season is dang near over, or close to it. BUT! We wanted to let you know that our silly Christmas Elf Mischief kits are improved for 2014 and back in the shop. These make great gifts for those parents in your life who really like to go all out with a certain elf who may or may not sit on a shelf (We can’t prefer one branded elf over another).


elf Kit 4_sm

Elf Kit 3_sm

We’ve also added a smaller supplementary kit for those who might just want a few little items (the hat is SUPER darling!)

Christmas Elf Extras All_main

There are also great holiday bracelet colors!


For the rest of this week, take 20% off with code ITSNOTTOOLATE. If you’re local in Seattle we can arrange a shipping deal.


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