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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you’ve probably seen me droning on about my architecture licensure exams allllll year. (If you don’t, well then know all you’ve really missed is a bunch of whining). You may have also seen that last friday I took the (hopefully) last one! Its been a 2013 marathon of 7 exams, 7 sets of studying, cramming all kinds of crazy knowledge and practical application into my brain, and at least until I receive my last set of results, I’m assuming its over.  It doesn’t really feel like 2013 happened to me (or if it did it was just in a series of 6 week chunks).

I wanted to take a minute to document this period in time here for a couple reasons. Firstly, this whole year has felt like a vast inhale. There is SO much on the horizon, I can’t even begin to guess what He has in store for me next. Career advancement and life changes I know for sure, but how will those things be used in my life for something even better? I don’t know.

Also I wanted to take a few seconds to say thank you. This online community has been an amazing source of support through this process (in addition to my local friends and family, of course!). But it seems like as soon as I mention I’m going into a test I’ve got a slew of digital “You got this!” and “Go Girl!” and it really has made all the difference. So, to anyone who has sent a text, facebook message, tweet, or IG comment to cheer me on, you have been a part of this triumph.

I’ll be sure to pop in when I get the results to give an update on what it all means and what is next. I get a lot of questions about how the process works and what you are allowed to do after you’re a licensed architect so maybe I’ll do a little debrief on that when I just about am one*

Also, if you want to know how many almond milk lavender chais I’ve consumed since February – Well, your guess is as good as mine, but its A LOT. They’re going to be sad to lose my business when this is over.

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*After I pass the seventh exam there is still Washington State paperwork hoops I have to jump through to be registered and receive my stamp. And then in April, I’ll have to pay them another $15 to change my name. Lovely.

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