Welcoming Umba

When I was at Alt Summit in January, I was introduced to a cool new company called (at the time) Umba Box. Similar to Birch Box or Whimsey Box, the idea was a monthly subscription which introduced you to handmade wares. Its a really cool concept, and an awesome way for handmade artisans to get exposure. Obviously, as makers ourselves, this is something near and dear to us.


As their company has grown, they’ve decided to make some changes, choosing to focus on a new business model that emphasizes empowerment and inspiration. Instead of just a sales platform for artists, they’ve decided instead to become a voice for these artists, designers, producers, and illustrators. Its HARD to make it in the handmade marketplace, for sure, as the value of goods is often overshadowed by our disposable society and the market is super saturated (like my friend Emily recently said, it seem like everyone has an etsy shop these days!).


So, Umba is leaving the box-model (and the name Umba Box) behind and instead becoming a social selling platform made up of “Umbassadors” as independent consultants. Now instead of just helping artisans, they’re helping those who might want to make a career out of a passion for handmade goods. They will also sell direct from umba.com. They’re launching this new approach with a fresh fall collection. Here’s what they have to say:

“Connections and relationships are what drive Umba. The Fall Collection celebrates relationships. Umba has hand-selected products that are reminiscent of cozy fall weekends full of steaming mugs of coffee sipped while wrapped up in blankets, surrounded by all of the people you love most.”



This lookbook is beautiful and I think it introduces us all to a new selection of handmade goods at a variety of price points. Perfect to get a jump start on holiday shopping!  Browse their entire Fall Lookbook here!


*This is not a sponsored post. Umba reached out to us as attendees of the Alt Summit conference to help share the word out of our passion for The Handmade, but we were not compensated in any way.

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