31 days…the communal hum of voices

You’ve all been to the crowded coffee shops, lobbies filled with motion, and cheerful dinner parties.

Have you ever just sat there, and listened to the hum around you?

A few weeks ago I went to this worship service led by bethel music.

The words you were supposed to sing along to disappeared from the screen.  They played instrumental offerings and asked each of the 1,200 people in attendance to sing their own song.

Do you ever feel like you are just told what refrain to sing next?

bethel music

It’s pretty powerful when these 1,200 of your closest friends all start singing using there own words.  The hum of harmony seemed to swell around my ears.

For a few moments, I just listened.  I realized:

I was so used to following along I didn’t have anything to say without being prompted by a familiar lyric.

The hum of all those voices was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.



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