31 days….of saying something

It’s pouring.  I’m drinking my third cup of coffee.  I’m writing a paper about how God sends people to restore this world.  I’ve reached the personal reflection part of the assignment, and all my cursor does is blink on the page.

I’m stuck.

I go through a series of ‘if onlys’ in my head all convincing me I’ve got nothing to say.

I get stuck in this blogging place too.  If only I took a killer photo of that, or had the energy to create the most rocking mood board, or even had the desire to craft something.  And even if that happened, then I’d need find great light to photo it, upload the images and photoshop each of them to perfection.  Stuck.  The ideas probably on Pinterest anyway, so just look there.  Plus, I haven’t blogged in a while anyway, does anyone care anymore?

I keep convincing myself I’ve got nothing to say.

I better get over it.  I have a weekly assignment due every Monday through next June all about just saying something, honestly, about where I’m at and what’s going on and where God is in the midst of that.    I have to read my weight in books by then, too, and chances are someone published is going to say it better anyway.

A book I’ve been waiting for comes out today.  The author writes a blog I enjoy, called Chatting with the Sky, and she participates in this challenge every October called 31 days.

Let me adjust your expectations.  I will try to post for 31 days and say something. That something might be an instagram photo or small quote from some assigned reading I’m knee deep in.  That something might also be whining about how much laundry I’ve got to do, how school plus work plus life is rough, or a doodle I made on the edge of the page.   That something might also be admitting I just want to be silent.

I can’t deny that my life is full of amazement that I’m ever so grateful for.  Here goes attempting to notice it, capture it and hit publish.

sketch copy



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