Belated Birthday Treat (Yo Self)

Remember how last month was my 30th birthday? Turns out 30 doesn’t feel that different from 29, except that I got crazy back into Barre and am trying paleo this week.

Also, I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. I have some very generous gift givers in my life, and this year many of them gave me a little spending money to buy something I’d been really wanting. The problem is that in the era of pinterest there are a lot of sweet things to covet (I realize this is not actually a problem in the true sense of the word).

I’ve narrowed down three beautiful things that I’ve had my eye on for a little while:
ravenna girls september shopping pics birthday treat yo self

[Block Shop Scarf] [Hedley Bennet Apron special Brika edition] [Leif Earrings]

Which one would you pick? I am dying over those earrings (so rustic, so chic, SO TURQUOISE) but I have a lot of beautiful jewelry that doesn’t get worn nearly enough. I’ve been coveting one of those beautiful aprons, for awhile, too, and thats something I need much more. But, my friend Lauren has described her Block Shop scarf as a true heirloom, and I think an heirloom that I can cherish for a long time coming might be the perfect way to remember the start of my 30th year – a year that holds so much excitement and change for me.

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One thought on “Belated Birthday Treat (Yo Self)

  1. Well…HMM. I LOVE ALL OF THESE THINGS. I’m drawn to the earrings first…they are so beautiful. But, the scarf is so “you”…and the apron is so practical. Have you bought anything yet?! I’m behind on blog reading!

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