Wedding Catch Up Pt 1

Ok, where did we leave off all those days ago? On one hand its been a long engagement, but its gone by SO QUICKLY and in just a couple weeks we’ll have just 6 months left.  I’m going to post links to my Engaged and Inspired posts in the order I posted them there but am happy to share extra details here if you guys want  – just let me know. And there are always little sneak peeks and details being shared on Instagram. So lets get started:

First, I shared our colorful and industrial inspiration board for our Urban Art Gallery wedding.


Then, how that inspiration board evolved into a custom pattern designed by my friend Tammie Bennett.

brianne final

Then I posted about how much fun its been having a group pinterest board where my Bridesmaids can share ideas and banter back and forth about details and dresses.


To round out some posts on details, I gave a sneak peek at some of the early purchases I made. One of the MAJOR benefits of a long engagement is getting a chance to wait for sales and snag some deals.


Stay tuned for the next batch of posts that I’ll share later this week.


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