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Back in the spring, my wonderful friend Danae did a little shout out to us on her blog. At that time she very graciously said that “In addition to [writing a blog and running two etsy shops], Brianne is also an architect and is planning her upcoming wedding- I don’t know how she does it!”

At the time I was all aw, shucks, but I also thought “what? Its not that hard.” Humble, right? ha. ha. ha. Jokes on me, Big Guy. Just when you think you’re on top of it, God changes your perspective.

Around the beginning of June,  BAM , the amount of stuff I had going on seemed overwhelming. Even though I was on the last architecture exam before the forced Summer Break (they were switching test companies), and a good chunk of the wedding was planned, I was feeling really tapped out creatively. I think partially it was the pressure of knowing that I had July and August off from studying which meant I had to DO ALL THE THINGS in that 8 week period. Soak up the Seattle sun. Get my hands dirty in the garden. Be Social. Talk to Erik as sea trials were pending. Its not like any big thing came in and derailed my life, in fact the opposite. Just all of a sudden I felt like a zombie.

I think part of it also was that this break from routine meant that I was being less intentional (more thoughts on this in an upcoming post). I thrive on deadlines and structure, and with such a vast array of to-dos but with no real looming pressure I sort of felt thrown to the wind. Even work slowed down, for the first time in literally years, and that left me feeling a little listless. I think being creatively busy at work stimulates my mind so that I have enough to spill into this space. And of course I could have used the extra time at work to blog during the day, but I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say.

So much I wanted to get done, but no real motivation. No pressure to blog in the 20 minutes I had between work and the gym, so why not pinterest instead! Sadly, I actually feel like this lack of direction caused me to miss some of the summer that was so calling to me. I went on one hike, but didn’t make it camping. No trips to the river with my parents, and only a handful of backyard dinners. Sad.

All that to say that test taking has now resumed and bizarrely thats given me ambition for this space again. And I’m going to start with one thing I HAVE been managing to keep up with (because as I said I’m a slave to deadlines) is my posting over at Engaged and Inspired. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how wedding planning is going, and there has INDEED been a lot of progress. Its probably going to take a couple recap posts to get you all up to speed on what I’ve shared there, but lets start tomorrow and see where we end up, shall we?

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