Ten on Ten: September 2013

Ah ha! You all thought we missed ten on ten, didn’t you? I actually had a strange day on the tenth but I did make time to capture some moments of simple beauty amongst the chaos. Erik has been in and out of port the last month or so, and the tenth was actually his only day off for a month long span and pretty much our only time to talk. Since I was determined to have at least a little bit of time to catch up with him, I rearranged my typical work schedule to make that happen.

The morning dawned sort of gray and drizzly, but the promise of sun was just over the hill from our house. I had a couple meetings near our neighborhood that day (including a site visit to my largest job currently under construction), so I went to those and then went to lunch with my mom to run a couple of wedding errands (seeing hotel room options and a potential rehearsal dinner space) until Erik was available. Then I went home to enjoy a couple hours of catching up with him in the sun, then out to a member appreciation event at the zoo (note to self – don’t bother to go next year it was nutso!) and then out late to study for my next architecture exam. I was so glad to be able to catch my sweetie before he had to head back to the ship (the ship pulls out really early in the morning so they’re all required to be there 10 pm the night before).

I was glad to have captured the simple beauty of the day because the last week since has been jam packed full of long study hours, missing erik, and the weather has now taken a turn toward seriously dreary. Knowing that this day was just a week ago and will return so soon helps me keep my head above water.










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