B’s bridal shower, part one!

Y’all heard B is getting married, huh?  Yep, in 2014!  While she has joked about having a super long engagement,  I’m the maid of honor and  loving all this time to be excited but not stressed.  It’s more of a longer time to celebrate, prepare everything and relax because it’s not even 2014!  Plus, I’m convinced that elongates my cake tasting timetable. [ha!]

Recently one of the key celebratory, pre-wedding events started taking shape.   The bridesmaids, prompted by the upcoming Pacific NW summer-weather-of-glory, starting wondering… could we have a shower this summer?  Once we got looking at dates, a clear winner emerged, and we jumped on it.  Even more exciting is the fact that the one bridesmaid from out of state is able to make it.

Bridal shower 2013 is in full planning mode with the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride around here.  Yippee! B has been super helpful in this beginning stage.  I don’t know how many of you planned surprise showers, but, whew, how do you do it?  I’m not sure you can be roomies with the bride and pull it off, that’s for sure!  B has weighed in so far on big picture ideas, most notably the date and theme, and now we get to plan all the little details for her to enjoy!

After selecting a date, we moved on to theme.  Did we want one?  And, if so, what’s a good one? A friend had recently attended a shower entitled “Building the Bar” which included guests buying bar related items off the bride’s registry.  Bri and Erik have really been wanting a bar cart for their future home.

We started brainstorming. I admit, I want this shower to be related to the ‘theme’ without going over the top.   I don’t want to say no to a grand idea, just because it might not fit the theme!

About this time Minted reached out and offered to send us some invitations for the shower.  I was thrilled because not only are Minted’s designs INCREDIBLE, but I am still in love with the art of paper invitations.  I adore the surprise as I check the mailbox only to see my name handwritten on the envelope, opening it up and discovering a piece of beautiful stationary.  It truly gets me excited for the celebration every day I spy it on my fridge door.

After perusing Minted’s site, I narrowed the options down to three.  Then, I sent these out to the bridesmaids for some feedback.  We had a great time discussing which one would work best for B’s special day.

The first literally was themed ‘Build the Bar.’  It would be so easy to communicate exactly the theme of the shower.



The second we have affectionately nicknamed ‘the paper straws.’  The colors are spot on B and the whimsy design clearly express an afternoon summertime party.



The third was a delightful floral yet vintage inspired design.  The flowers are similar to the wedding palette.  Additionally, B has thought her shower might be a fun place to kick off a crafting project she has in mind for the wedding involving floral design.



What about all of you?  What are your favorite shower ideas – food, games, themes, etc??  I cannot wait to spill the beans on which invites we selected and how gorgeous they look!  I have to wait for B to stumble upon her envelope in the mailbox first!


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