Paris: The Gardens

Ah, Paris.  This weekend, as I was working on this paper I had a hard time finding the words for, my mind kept wandering to Paris.  I’m ready to return and explore again.

Paris has some extraordinary outdoor space which, in the month of May, is in bloom with a multitude of tulips. I might just run away and be a Parisian gardener.  Or tree trimmer.


Seriously, does anyone know how they prune these?  Or how often?  Ah-mazing!

Here’s a recap of my three favorite gardens in the city.

Jardin du Luxembourg

It’s the second largest park in Paris, filled with green space, gardens, statues, and a large octagon fountain.  Adjacent to this basin is the Palace, where the French Senate convenes.luxemberg

The fountain was the spot to be that day.  Armed with ice cream, we stood by and watched children who floated small boats in the water.

DSC_0522 boats




It was incredible to stay just a few blocks from this massive garden, as we found ourselves often walking through it.  It spans from the Louvre to the Pace de la Concorde.  Amazing pathways weave you through quiet side gardens, multiple fountains, a fun carousel, and green chairs spotted throughout.

DSC_0044 DSC_0605

DSC_0019 DSC_0021

IMG_1996 IMG_2009

Spotted: the sun, carousel tokens, and B riding an ostrich!



This small park was an accidental discovery one afternoon – while venturing from lunch to a shopping excursion.  We ate at this small café under the arches and then wondered through the park.  Its small scale made it feel more like a community backyard.  Plus, it was brilliant out that day, meaning grass in the park was hard to spot!

IMG_1891 IMG_1897 IMG_1893

I might need to find a grassy patch to sit in today… ah, paris. I miss you!

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