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If you’re anything like me, you generally wait and wait and wait for the perfect time to put together photo albums/photo books of major events. Usually this means they don’t even happen, and then when they do they are big and comprehensive and usually just sit on a shelf. Recently, via Alt Summit and an affiliate program with Blurb, I had the opportunity to create a couple of books with them, and I wanted to make volumes that I would actually use and look at, so I decided to create a couple non-traditional books.

First up, I decided to make a travel sketchbook for our Europe trip. I culled through a ton of travel photos from the last decade, choosing a few from studying abroad in Finland, some from previous Europe travels, and some from D and I’s trips to Belize and Peru.



I titled it “Space and Light” and made a title page with a quote from a favorite historical architect (more on him soon!). Really, I wanted this to be an inspiration volume since I’ve been trying to get back into sketching and drawing to stir the creative juices. To turn this into a sketchbook, I deliberately left full blank pages as well as partial negative space adjacent to travel photos so that I could draw and sketch what was inspiring me in the environment, but maybe also be inspired by a past travel memory. I used Blurb’s Trade Book format (which is what people usually use to self publish literature) so that it would have an intentially dull-drawing-paper type of a finish, perfect for impromptu sketching. The size ended up being perfect (slim enough to carry in a day bag) but big enough to put some graphics on paper during our trip. Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing those during our trip-recap.


Shortly after I put this book together and showed it to Blurb at Alt Summit, they launched a new collection of Designer Layouts and encouraged me to give one a try. I checked out the layouts and they were so simple, classy and clean, all I had to do was drop in a few photos for a little gem of a book.


I know you guys are probably sick of me pushing my engagement photos, but when I looked through these designer books and saw that their sizing was small (7×7), it occurred to me that there were still some family members who hadn’t seen all our photos online (grandma), and that a little petite book like this would be nice to tote around during upcoming visits and let them sift through at their leisure (you know, stopping for a “when your grandfather and I. . .” every few pages).


I chose a little timeline for the front cover of my favorite series of photos from the shoot. The simple black background really let Carina’s photos pop off the page, and its just a sweet little reminder of this time in our lives. Plus, I love that its still a masculine looking Designer layout, so its a perfect gift for fiances (or DAD! see below)



I love that both these little books are different from the over-designed glossy books I’ve put together in the past. Lucky for all of you – Blurb is having a 20% sale on photo books for Father’s Day. Use code JUSTFORDAD through 6/10 for a simple clean book for the important fellas in your life.

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