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Many people have been asking us: where did you stay while in Europe?

After our group of girlfriends solidified our itinerary, we got to work researching places to sleep on our trip.  We ended up with a combination of very different places, all unique, but each was amazing!

We had a budget of $50 usd, per person, per night, for the 4 of us.


First up:  Paris.

Now, I was highly concerned this stop was going to break our budget or that we would be staying out on the last metro stop just to be able to afford something.  Then, B discovered through A Blog Named Scout this website called My Paris Visit.  Jackpot.  We stayed HERE.


They manage about 100 apartments around town.  I would say we should have looked more than 12 weeks prior to our visit for the best selection.  Additionally, you get the best deals if you can stay for a week.


The location was perfect, only two blocks from the Louvre.  Additional selling point:  amazing teeny boulangerie across the street.  I think I ate pain au chocolat every day in Paris.IMG_2056

Then, we traveled to Interlaken, Switzerland.

This proved to be the most challenging accommodation to come under our budget.  Who knew this small Swiss town would be so expensive without that many options?  In the end, location and view won us over.  We stayed at the Backpacker’s Villa.  It was an old house turned hotel, and we had a balcony to wake up to this breathtaking view of the Alps.  Plus, there were free lattes, free parking, and it was easy to walk around town from there.



After Interlaken, we moved out to Montreux, Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva.

We found this funky apartment on Air BnB.  It’s a site where anyone around the world can put their home up for short term rental.  We have used it when traveling in the US, so why not try it in Switzerland?  We chose this place mainly based on the view from the balcony and being across the street from the Lake.   Plus, notice our indoor lime tree soaking up the sun??IMG_2296 The apartment was comfortable and a great location.  We used it as stomping grounds for visiting several small cities on the eastern, Swiss side of Lake Geneva.

One of the many sunset pictures taken on the Riviera:

sunset in montreux


Finally, one of the girls we traveled with, Jackie, had in-laws outside of Geneva who generously offered to have us stay with them.  They live in a small town, on a vineyard,  and overlooking Lake Geneva on the north side.  Bonus: they have a board game stash that rivaled mine!  They were amazingly generous hosts and it’s a miracle we returned to the US!

DSC_0325 (2)

Above:  rows and rows of the beginning of the season vines with some new growth!  Below: The view as the sunset from the patio. Pink mountains!

DSC_0363 (2)


Overall:  Accommodations were a success!



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