travel was….

Happy weekend friends!  Hope it’s  full of relaxing moments, sun breaks, and smiling faces over coffee!

We have returned from an incredible trip to Paris and Switzerland with friends.  The jet lag has gone away and we have both jumped back into real life – work, studying, laundry, weeding, etc!  A special thank you to Sandra and Lisette who both guest posted for us while we were away!

The re-entry into reality has been a bit rough for me.  Everything seems to need my attention and all I want to do is have a four hour Parisian lunch over good wine and conversation.

Before I left, I stumbled upon this poster:  Travel has taught me…..

Over the next few weeks we are going to blog about our trip and attempt to reflect upon the many ways we complete this sentence.

For now, I’ve got this tidbit of happiness….



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3 thoughts on “travel was….

  1. How did you like Montreaux? I lived there for a couple of years and my bedroom window had a view of the Chateau de Chillon.. Brought back memories when I read that you were in my former town.

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