Sunday Pins

Gosh, its been awhile since we’ve done one of these! In Seattle we are having a stretch of insanely beautiful weather, and while I haven’t been at my computer pinning a ton, I have been feeling inspired and I thought I’d pass some of that inspiration along. These are my five favorite recent pins:


This palette for summer entertaining (with the added bonus of being able to reuse for the wedding)


This rope tub from the Container Store. Patio ice bucket, blankets for outdoor movie night (can you tell I’m feeling summer in my core)


A simple but INSANELY beautiful arrangement of garden lilacs. From Martha, of course.


My friend Lexy painted these votives. I just bought a couple similar ones from Target to play with for colorful centerpieces, and I may DIY the rest with this technique so cut down on costs. (Lexy also just found out she’s having a baby GIRL. Go leave congrats!)


DYING over this Canned with Love Stamp. Want to put it on my birthday list, but I will have already canned so many things before August, I’m not sure I can wait.

You can find me on Pinterest here and D on pinterest here. Leave your pinterest link in the comments, we’d love to be friends!

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