How to turn your dining room into a greenhouse

The garden is beginning.  We have compost tilled in, some seeds planted outdoors, and seeds growing like crazy inside.  Seattle summer begins a bit later than some other places, so nights are still too cool for some things.  This generally means that Bri and I have not used our dining room table to eat at in a few weeks…..

The {plant} babies are growing!  The other day I told my small group girls that I could not wait to eat my plant babies.  Although several of them only heard “eat my babies” which caused 15 minutes of hysterical laughter about cannibalism.

Salads, here we come!

Look at the babies:


Three things we think are invaluable to growing inside:

1.  Grow Bulb:  Did you know we have many hours of clouds in the spring?  So, we took out our normal bulb in the dining room and replaced it with this grow light.

light bulb

2.  Warming Mat:  This guy sits under the trays and warms the dirt!seedling heat mat


3.  Fancy Soil from Sky Nursery.  Its organic and specially mixed for growing seeds indoors in flats.  Plus, when you heat it with the warming mat, it makes your house smell like very healthy and wet compost.  YUM!


How are your babies looking?  What are you planting this year?  Anything you love growing from seed?



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