There are so so SO many things that feel heavy as of late.  It’s in those moments I find myself needing to refocus.

Instead of the loss, the fear and the doubt, I chose to refocus on that for which I am truly grateful.  It’s beyond elegant words or ways to explain.  Truly it feels like the greatest thanks needs to be given simply for life.  It is a gift, each moment, each day and each experience.

boston marathon

My sister instagramed this picture on Monday {photo credit to k!}.  It looks like a perfectly brilliant day – to run and to cheer each other on.  Shortly afterwards, and only a few blocks from this picture, lives ended.  There don’t seem to be words to articulate the loss in Boston.  All I can say is how grateful I am that my sister is safe, that my prayers are with those who still ache, and life is just to short to let it run by without expressing gratitude for each day.


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