Tabletop Photography with Nicole Gerulat

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One of the most satisfying take aways from Alt Summit each year is the opportunity to take a creative workshop on Saturday after the bulk of the conference is complete. This year, I opted for Tabletop Photography in the hopes that I could play with my new 50mm/1.4 lens, learn some tricks for the blog, and also bolster product photography for our shop.

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The teacher for the workshop was Nicole Gerulat from Nicole’s classes. In addition to online classes, she photographs products, food, and magazine features. This workshop was mainly geared toward utilizing light (both natural and artificial), and ways to improve your work flow.

Tabletop Photography 9

We played around with little indoor scenes (Nicole styled it up for us and then gave us tips on angles and lighting). We also played with detailed shots. This one below was especially fun and challenging, as all the components were highly reflective. It was really fun to get the opportunity to see how an angle change or a little blocking of the light could make a huge difference.

Tapletop Photography 2 Tapletop Photography 3 Tapletop Photography 5

On my own, I decided to try this white macaron jewelry box, because the white was providing a real challenge. And of course I couldn’t resist using my ring as a prop 😉
Tapletop Photography 4

Nicole also taught us about tethering your camera and essentially using your computer as the capture device. Amazing! I’m looking into the best way to get this set up because I imagine once you improve your efficiency with that trick, there’s no going back.

Tapletop Photography 6

Tabletop Photography 8

In just an hour, I feel like Nicole gave me SO much to think about and tips to improve my photography. I’m pretty happy with all these shots (I didn’t spend too much time editing them, so these are pretty much straight out of camera), and I can’t wait to spend some more time with some of her advice.

What skill have you picked up lately?

All images this post are my own, Styling by Nicole Gerulat.


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