Finding the right stamps

Hey everyone, its finally feeling like springtime, eh?

Did you guys see my contributions to a post over at The Stationery Place last week? Lyndsey and I chatted all about places to find eclectic postage stamps, both new and old. I’m not content with standard american flag forever stamps, so I always like to peruse for whats fun via USPS and also in the vintage realm. Go check out the links that Lyndsey shared in her post.

This morning I was actually perusing through to see if there was anything new and exciting. I think we’re going to get these kaleidoscope flowers for our Save the Dates, and I wanted to see if anything else caught my eye. And catch my eye something did:

vintage seed packet stamps usps forever

Aren’t these so pretty? The colors and theme fit perfectly for our spring 2014 wedding. I think i’m going to preorder a bunch of these and supplement with some blue/green vintage stamps depending on how heavy our invites end up getting. You never know what you’re going to find on the post office website, I always encourage people to check it out because the physical post office very rarely carries any of the most fun options!

{ps – another tip for buying wedding postage? make sure to buy enough to cover sending pre-wedding thank you notes from showers and bachelorette gifts}

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