On taking some tests. . .


Have you guys seen Tammie Bennett’s new Dear Universe project? She’s combining her awesome illustration skills with a weekly prayer to those in need. Its really very heartfelt and clever – go follow along. I’ll be sharing more on a recent collaboration with Tammie in the next couple weeks, but needless to say she’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, the Test Takers prayer illustration is really hitting home right now. After a couple years of procrastination, I finally got off my butt to study for my Architect Registration Exams.  Every year I kept saying I’d study in the fall when the weather got crummy, but then it would be the holidays, and then suddently springtime again and I couldn’t justify wasting the Seattle summer. But, with the wedding on the horizon, I figure I’d better get my act together before I have Erik home as a major distraction :)

I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty but the basics of the exam are that there are 7 portions (each taken individually), all of which have both a multiple choice section as well as a graphic “vignette” where they give you a word problem and you have an hour to draft up a solution using their stone-age proprietary software. My first test is tomorrow! I signed up for one that was a medium-level difficulty topic for me, not super hard, but also saving the easiest ones for the end to hopefully coast through this fall. My goal is to have them all done by this time next year. These tests are what finally enable you to legally be called an “Architect”, so it’ll be nice to cross that one off the Life List.

So, if its quiet and/or uninspired around here, you probably can know the next test is pending and send me all the good testing prayers and vibes you want – I won’t turn ’em down!

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