Springtime Wedding Inspiration (and some fun news)

Wedding planning is coming along. We have our venue, our photographer (who also shot our engagement photos), and I have a dress (! more on that soon). Oh, and I have shoes. So really, I’m set haha. There are a couple of really fun design projects that I’ve enlisted some blog friends to help with along the way, so I thought I out to share our inspiration board that I’ve put together.

I knew from the building that I loved the richness and texture of renovated industrial venues. I’ve been constantly inspired by the fetes i’ve seen thrown at The Foundry in NY and Lucques in LA. So, we were looking to set that as the backdrop and infuse the decor with a bit of fresh color for the springtime, and some midcentury touches to reflect our vintage aesthetic. After a couple of iterations, this is what we came up with:

My favorite color is obviously turquoise, and erik loves bright warm oranges and yellows, so we’re balancing that against the brick backdrop. And add in twinkle lights and some sparkle, naturally. I’m hesitant to really pick “wedding colors” per se, I think we’ll just go with what we love and it will all come together organically (or in a giant colorful explosion). Either way, we’ll be ecstatic.

I was originally going to share the evolution of this board to show how it evolved after we really started to look at how it was reflecting US and not just what I thought was pretty. But thats where the exciting news comes in. Later this spring, I’m going to start contributing as a “Blogging Bride” over at the lovely site Engaged & Inspired. I’ll be sharing weekly inspiration and lessons learned from our wedding planning journey, so I’m sure I’ll be getting more in depth into all our inspiration over there. I’ll let you guys know once those start and can’t wait to let loose all the details!



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