Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party

For us, having an engagement party was a little bit of a last minute thought with the holidays quickly approaching. Erik left town back for VA literally the day after we got engaged and hadn’t had a chance to get leave to come home. When we were planning his trip home, some of our friends and family suggested we have a party to celebrate our belated engagement. We figured with some many friends and family in town – why not! It was planned for the Friday night before xmas and we figured we were risking a low turnout because of holiday plans, but instead it was the opposite! We only had 5 or so people who couldn’t come (including D, sadly, who’d left for her holiday Jersey trip already), and we had an awesome turnout of more than 40 people! I now know what people say when on their wedding day they feel surrounded by all the people who love them most. It was amazing to have friends, family, and people I’d known literally the longest in my life all in one place. Surreal to say the least! This was only about a quarter of our wedding guest list, so it was a good trial run but I’m sure it won’t even compare.

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 1

D had been to a party at a local Irish Pub when we were first planning, and she suggested we have it there because of the awesome ambience and extremely reasonable rental fee. We booked it, they provided clean white tables and some holiday decor. We sparkled it up with metallic confetti, tinsel drink stirrers, some sparkly votives, and of course, bubbly!

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 4

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 2

We also got a bunch of party decor from Minted – banners, signs, and miscellaneous decor from their “Glitter Bling” line.

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 3

And festive polka dot flutes from Ikea (sadly not available online because they are cute!). Isn’t Erik handsome in his bowtie? We had a bet going at the beginning of the night how many compliments he’d get  (I knew my parents’ generation would think it was fantastic but he was being overly humble). Needless to day, the ladies loved him and I won 😉

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 5

My dad gave a wonderful toast with the unique Henry Ford quote: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 6

Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party - 7

We have such a wonderful group of family and friends who came together to support us for the evening. It was really unforgettable. This was the same night that our engagement photos with the mindset that I would already have hair and makeup done. Boy oh boy did it make for a crazy day of errands and smiling and running around. The next morning I felt like I’d been hit by  a truck!

Extra special thanks to my parents, Jackie & Dave for their decorating and tinsel skillz, and to Jo for shooting all the photos for the evening. We are so blessed to have all of you in our life!

This is the last little bit in our Northwest Sparkle mini-series. Which means starting soon I can share our Wedding day inspiration.

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  1. How fun! I’m glad you got to have an engagement party- and having it at the holidays seems to have made it even more festive! Can’t wait for the wedding inspiration posts to start!

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