Ten on Ten: February 2013

Happy tenth everybody! To be totally honest, I spent most of today lying pretty low recovering from a super fun party last night and catching up on Skype with Erik. He and I have both had a really busy few weeks at work and travelling so it was nice to have a few hours to just relax, chat, and watch Netflix together (did you see they added West Wing to Netflix. woot!) So, even though the whole point of the project is to capture the beautiful moments even on these quieter days, I’ve decided to upload photos from the 9th because there were so many gems! It was a busy day, I:

– Did a 5k with my friend Dana and her family. Its the “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em” Valentines race, and its one of our faves. Its right by my house, which is sweet for commute time. People get all dresses up in lovey dovey costumes, and Erik and I ran it together when we first first dating and both together in Seattle, so it always reminds me of that. [Also, as we were walking/running we realized that the weekend of the race next year Erik and I will probably be on our way driving home from VA. Hooray!]

– Then we popped up to the zoo since I bought myself a membership for the year, and we were right nearby. The line for the baby lions was too long, but I did snap a couple cute photos of the twins since they were in a particularly fun mood.

– In the evening I hosted a Mardi Gras dinner with my friend Andrea since we weren’t able to actually go to New Orleans this year (pouty face).  She and I spent the afternoon making King Cake and Jambalaya from scratch while strewing beads all over the place. I even whipped up a festive fascinator for the night. It was a really fun party even though the Hurricanes were a wee bit too strong!

[Side note – Andrea did something super cute which was to swap out all the frames in her living room with Mardi Gras photos from years past. I was so fun to relive all those crazy times!]

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Hope everyone had a good weekend! As always, visit Rebekah’s site to see all the other Ten on Ten sets.

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