antlers and the spread of cheer

I have come up with my New Year’s Resolution.

Wear antlers.


Keep reading, I’m not that crazy.

You know when people say that Christmas is stressful?  Well, they are right.  But to me it is a good kind of exhaustion, one that comes from deep connections with people you care about.  Instead of just one more party to attend or thing to do, it is one grand excuse to hand out with people and celebrate.  Why just December?  Why don’t we behave this way year round?  It seems like one of those Christmas traditions we should keep around.

This December was pretty perfect in terms of celebrations.  There were many moments at home, by Theo.  There were also many moments out, spreading cheer.  I jokingly called this “when I wore my antlers.”  I want this to continue into 2013 and beyond.  I was reminded the other day by a friend I have not seen in a few weeks that making the space for these connections, moments and memories is so very important.

That is kind of what I mean when I say wear antlers.  I bought two new types of headwear in December.  Both antlers.

The first was this cute headband with jingle bells.  I also bought a few extra for my small group girls to wear during our church’s carol sing.  A picture could not even describe how cute they all looked in their antlers, spreading their own cheer beyond that evening – into their homes and schools and christmas celebrations.  {I dont share their photos on here, but if you follow me on instagram, you can see one of the many reasons why I love these girls.}

The other were these antler barrettes.  I also bought a pair for this kid:


We sported our matching accessories at the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s annual Nutcracker with sets by the amazing Maurice Sendak.  I will admit when my friend Dana told me I was getting a god-daughter, I began dreaming of this day.  The day I would take her to see the Nutcracker for the first time.  She’s only 2 and a half, so my expectations were set somewhere in she-might-sleep-through-the-sugarplum-fairy and i’ve-seen-it-so-we-might-have-to-leave-early.


She’s amazing though and sat there the whole time, in awe.   Like really, her cute little voice kept saying “wow” and ‘more dancers?” and then she pointed at every Nutcracker in the lobby over and over.  It was pretty much the greatest thing to spread a bit of my Christmas cheer with her.  {excuse the excessive photos.  I had a challenging time editting…}


kaylee and doll copysmall


Then, I headed east to wear my antlers in boston (with my sista!) and new jersey (with the whole family!)

{note other reindeer headband…}kaity and me

My sister showed me this amazing tree in boston with a twinkle light show that was oh-so-festive.

twinkle lights

Plus took me to a store full of Christmas decorations, and let us eat yummy pizza, and baked, and went crazy wrapping….

We drove to NJ together, ate more, saw a bunch of family members, watched a whole lot of Christmas movies, and played some Scrabble.  And, it pretty much would not be Christmas without a stop in NYC to see the windows, the tree at the Met, and accidently get lost in the two story anthropologie I love at Rockefeller center.  :)  Or my parents beautifully festive house.  :) Or family present time from Santa!

NJ christmas


Thanks to each of you – family, friends, big and small children, Christmas was special.  So special in fact, lets keep the antlers alive.

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