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So I know I said I wouldn’t be posting many wedding things here. Originally I had an idea that I would start a separate little blog for those people who wanted to see our wedding stuff. But, lets be honest. A second blog in addition to running 2 etsy shops and a full time career? Ha. So, I’m not going to share crazy amounts of detail, just some major milestones and inspiration. Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to see more or less, lol.

Back in December, we had a busy busy week of wedding stuff since Erik was in Seattle for the holidays. He typically gets to come home for a week(ish) in the summer, and for a week at the holidays. I spent a lot of time in the fall pre-scouting venues and filing away ideas so we could get a few things done while he was home in December. We managed to schedule an engagement photo shoot with our awesome wedding photographer Carina (who I discovered via Lauren‘s site) so I started putting away ideas for that. Then, our amazing friends and family decided to throw us an engagement party, so we scheduled it for the same day as the photoshoot. I knew it would be a crazy whirlwind of a day so I wanted to come up with some ideas that would blend together in sort of a non-traditional way so we could double up on some of the effort.

And thus, “northwest sparkle” was born. You can see more images on my Engagement shoot and party pinterest board, but the basic concept was to infuse our simple northwest style with some holiday glitter:

Ravenna Girls Northwest Sparkle Engagement Party and Photoshoot Inspiration

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six]

Overall it ended up being that our photoshoot was mostly northwest with a dash of sparkle and the party was mostly sparkle with a dash of northwest, but it was so fun working these things all together. Photos are in from both of the events and I can’t wait for you guys to see the results!

What is your favorite non-traditional style pair?

PS – had to share this e-mail snippit I got from Carina while planning our shoot (that I also shared on Instagram). I was worried she’d think my idea of bringing in sparkle to the northwest aesthetic was crazy, but clearly not. She’s the best!



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  1. I don’t know what my favorite pair would be {well, right now I’m thinking of the 49ers in New Orleans and that’s a pretty non-traditional pair!}. But – I LOVE this. Beautiful! Look forward to the pictures!

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