What do you see?

shareyourslideTruth:  B and I have a craft room bursting (sometimes literally) with inspiration.   We often snag something that inspires us and stash it away for just the perfect project.

Probably about three years ago now we stumbled upon an estate sale where we snagged these terrific slides from the 60s and 70s.  We bought a few – of some West Coast trips, a visit to Hawaii, and the sites in Rome.


Then, B had this brilliant idea to give them out as part of her business cards at ALT this week.  ALT pretty much is a blogger non stop party, so when you say business cards… it’s not really your typical card.  Its time for a creative message of your brand.  {B will come home having learned how we should be saying that all, but basically, these things gotta be good to get noticed!}


The slides were perfect, as the beginning of Ravenna Girls was all about taking something old and transforming it into something new.

So we went to work one Saturday brainstorming the many possibilities of how these would look.  A few iterations, scrapped ideas, trips to Packaging Supplies later…. we together had crafted something we both loved.

The small glassine envelopes hold a double sided discount code {for Ravenna Girls and  Ravenna Girls Vintage merchandise}  and a vintage map magnet.  Paper clipped to the bag are cards with all our contact info slipped into the slide.  If you hold it up to the light, you see your image.  No two were the same, and B is having fun seeing which slides all her new friends are getting!

slide business cards



If you got a slide at Alt and want to share it with us, snap a photo!  Tag it on instagram with #shareyourslide .  We would love to see it!


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