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Well, I’ve arrived in Salt Lake City for my 2nd annual trip to Altitude Design Summit. So far, we’re one day in and its been soooo different the second time around. I’m hoping that feeling a little bit more comfortable and confident will mean I learn a whole different level of goodies to bring to this blog and share with all of you.

Don’t worry – I’m going to try not to bombard with recap posts and pics of swag, because I know that gets real old real fast. But, I’ll be sure to share the words of widsom that all these amazing speakers have to share.

While I’m away, D will be sharing the details of our fun and interactive business cards we put together for the conference this year. Can’t wait to show you, its something thats been brewing in my head for a little while! If you’re new here because you got one of these cards from me, HI! Leave a comment, lets be friends :)

Also, can’t finish up this post without saying a HUGE thank you to Bing. As the main sponsor to Alt this year, they are gifting 150 of our rope bracelets to Alt Summit attendees, which was a big order for us. Essentially they’ve made this conference possible for me, so we are so grateful for that. #ThanksBing !

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