first saturday

hello friends,

first saturday of the new year.

it feels partly like – how can that be? – and other part – whew, its nice to just sit and be.

if that makes any sense at all.

this is normally that post where I tell you how wise I plan to be this year.  Well, it’s not happening.  Sure, hopefully, I will have a few fleeting wise moments, but most of the time I am just going to try and be here.




{above, spotted at macy’s in herald square this christmas. }

Last year, at the start of the New Year I wrote this post.

Truth: I have the direct link to that post bookmarked in my reader and I re-read it a lot this year.  I needed a reminder of my words even when I didn’t feel like writing new ones.

For the most part, 2012 was a year of being extremely present in the days and moments where I was.  And it felt good.  Less rushed.  Less pressured.  Just less.  And my reward was More.  More joy and more sadness.  More present and more focused.  I wish I could also write “less fear,”  but I don’t think that would be an accurate one.  Regardless, I was able to focus more on what was happening in the moment I was in, regardless of a worry of what was happening tomorrow.

That was a very important step for me.

I very much did just that over Christmas.  I so enjoyed every activity and moment of fun with people I love in my favorite season.  There are still some gifts under Theo, so it’s still Christmas in my mind.    In fact, there are still some Christmas fun things I want to share with you.

Lots of things happened this year, and I think 2013 is another year of more steps in a direction. It’s not going to be a year about completing the goals, but a year of focusing on the steps.    One goal though is to get back into writing and taking photos, and sharing those steps.  Maybe even when I don’t feel that inspired.


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