Metallic Star and Greenery Wreath

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 5

For the past couple of years we’ve used the same wreath on our front door – a deep green felt ruffle wreath I made once upon a time and have loved the simplicity of ever since. This year, though, I was ready for a change. I fell in love with this wreath and knew I had to try and recreate it.  My original plan was to use hemlock or fir as they did in the inspiration but then I found these gorgeous boxwood wreaths at Trader Joes for $10 and loved how rich and full they looked. Here is what else you will need:

Gold Sparkle Star Wreath:

– Green wreath (you could use preserved if you wanted to save this for multiple years)

Kraft stars. The key is to buy a variety of sizes and shapes (I used some 5 pointed stars, some 6 pointed stars, and some flat stars)

– Elmers Glue/Modge Podge

Martha Stewart Glitter – I used “Smokey Quartz

Metal Wire – I used a dark bronze to hide with the brown branches

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 1

The first step is to glitter your stars. I didn’t include that step here because I used these for another event earlier in the week. But, the main tip I have for you is to spray paint these underneath the glitter in a similar color. That way when the glitter isn’t even or perfect, you can’t really tell. After they are spray painted, cover in glue or modge podge and then a consistent layer of glitter. Let dry: dunzo!

Spray paint stars

I first tried to just attach these to the wreath by the hanging cords they came with, but they were really floppy once upright. So instead, I attached wire to two ends through the star itself by inserting a straight pin to create a hole and then stringing the wire through. Do this on opposite ends of each star to secure them snug to the wreath. I think these are small enough holes that they are concealed within the glitter if you want to reuse.

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 3


Wrap the wire to the back of the wreath and twist to secure. This will leave you enough room to wiggle the star into place once you flip it back over.

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 4


The thing I liked the most about the inspiration wreath was the placement of the stars in a spray – almost looking like they were spinning around the greenery. The best way I found to accomplish this was to place them unevenly around the circle and to tuck them into the greenery as if they were coming out from the inside. Does that make sense? Its sort of a place one then try another and play as you go.

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 2

See how nice the variety in star/shapes is? Gives it more movement, I think. This was about a 30″ wreath and I used 7 stars. You could change the number depending on the size of your stars and the size of your greenery. And thats it, voila! Hang on your door and stand back to admire.

I think it looks PARTICULARLY festive on our Peppery door, and I actually like the boxwood a lot. Its  a different texture than much of the Evergreen you see around the Pacific Northwest this time of year. I’m planning to transition this well into the New Year as long as the boxwood stays looking nice.

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 6

Time to relax and admire your festive house. And worry about cleaning up later. . .

Ravenna Girls Gold Metallic Star Boxwood Wreath Tutorial - 7

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