Birthday Festivus

I meant to get this post up Friday – but instead we were partay prepping, which was more fun at the time! Anyway, happy belated birthday to my bestest partner in crime, Danielle!

Seattle Winter Wonderland

Her birthday was last Friday and we got started celebrating early on Thursday night by hitting up the West Elm holiday evening with cupcake diorama decorating courtesy of Trophy Cupcakes (thanks again Trophy gals!). Then, thanks to our awesome friend Dana, we were gifted tickets to the 5th avenue theater production of Elf the Musical, which was nothing if not festive! It was so fun to be downtown with all the sparkly lights and everyone dressed up all festive (D most of all!).


Friday night we continued the festivities with a holiday elf party at our place, complete with the entire Trader Joe’s holiday cookie selection, and Tracy’s Cranberry Rosemary Spritzers. Yum! It was another great holiday time birthday – now we’re so ready to continue our celebrating.

All photos via instagram. You can follow me (B) here and D here.

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