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So since we recently showcased the awesome options from Minted for holiday cards, we thought we would also show you guys their awesome gift options while there is still time this season to place your order. Did you know that in addition to cards and invites they also have a bunch of items which you can customize and personalize?

Its true! They have an awesome selection of calendars, and I also love their art prints, journals, and personalized stationery. My very favorite is the custom family tree!

Minted_Gifts copy

All of these gift items have a bunch of customization options, which is the coolest part. You can pick colors, backgrounds, add names, photos, and messages if you want.

The folks at Minted also reached out to us to ask if we wanted to try out their calendar creator, and of course being the design nerds we are we were excited to see what it was all about. They have a bunch of great designs to start as a base, and within each option you can play with colors and photo layout. Each month can have its own color scheme within the design format, plus you can add your own holidays to each day of the year. Here’s a super sneaky peek of the project I am working on for a very special member of Erik’s family. Its so cute with a mixture of photos of the whole family – I can’t wait to see it finished!

calendar sneak


Through Sunday you can get 1 gift free when  you order two others with the code GETGIFTY, so hop to it! They’re quick to ship and would make a really meaningful gift this holiday season.

[Disclaimer: Minted provided us with credit toward a calendar in order to try out their custom gifts. All opinions shared are our own]

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