Pin and Purchase

Time for another installment of pin and purchase! This time, something I can’t believe I never owned before: Rain boots!

Well, can’t believe isn’t actually true. #1: I inherited my dad’s disproportionate calf muscles, so I have problems with boots of all types. I generally can’t wear anything above low-calf. So any old rainboots are tricky. #2: A couple years ago I bought a super adorable pair of shorty navy blue rain boots at an estate sale (some of you are probably super wigged out by that, but it doesn’t bother me), but the problem is they are just SO uncomfortable.

I’ve come to realize that living in Seattle you need a pair of super waterproof shoes for the days when it is really.coming.down so when I came across these Tretorn boots from Rachel’s boards I pinned them to my own and a couple months later decided to pull the plug.

So far I LOVE them. They have furry lining so they are really warm and cozy. They have removable insoles so I can wear my orthotics to give more support. They are a bright peppy color (more orangey poppy red than they appear in the photo), and are just the right proportion so I can either tuck skinnies into them or wear trouser jeans on the outside.

Two thumbs up! Check out more shoes on my wardrobe board.

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