For A Limited Time: Mischief Kit

Happy Monday! Today we wanted to share with you guys a limited time item from our little shop: A Christmas Elf Mischief Kit!


Last year we introduced you to our elf, Toby. We don’t usually get too crazy moving him around the house because we don’t have kiddos to surprise and amaze. But, the elf on the shelf phenomenon certainly swept Blogs and Pinterest with hundreds of ideas. The ideas are GREAT, but who really has time to drive around town or claw through junk drawers finding all that stuff?

Hopefully we’ve found a way to help out with that by compiling 14 items (or item combinations) that can be used together or separate to help your elf have little adventures around the house.

The kit includes:

– Polka dot felt “blanket”
– Puzzle pieces
– Pom Pom Snowballs
– 12″ String of Christmas Lights
– 12″ Red/White Pom Pom Garland with clothespins for hanging
– Mini canvas and paintbrush
– Tool Eraser
– Mini cookie cutters
– Thread spool can telephone
– Mini Wreath
– Glass bottle with glitter Magic Dust
– Mini toothbrush “back scrubber”
– Train tickets
– Paper Map

Kit doesn’t include the Elf. You’ll have to buy that separately

My favorite are for sure the tool erasers. We have hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and saws, so it will be a surprise which comes with every kit!

We’ll be taking orders and making shipments via USPS Priority every couple of days through December 7th. Spread the words for folks who have started this tradition but who might get caught up in the craziness of the season and could use a little extra help keeping their elf on the move. We’ll leave the listing up after this point for anyone who might want to give the kit as a gift.

On a side note, we have just a couple of our evergreen tree advent calendars left in the shop, so get one before they’re gone!

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