{Monthly-ish Mantel} Fall 2012

Here we are again with another installment of our not-so-monthly “Monthly Mantel” segment. This time was really especially ridiculous since we never got around to taking down the cherry blossoms until we decorated for autumn.

I don’t always love to play up the autumnal colors of orange and brown too much, but when Jenny Instagrammed this copper foil garland from Hobby Lobby I couldn’t resist. While  I was there I also picked up the glittered acorns, which have become my favorite thing of the fall. I think the metallic bling helps give a twist to the standard fall colors.

We also incorporated some vintage elements that I inherited from my grandmother (the owl luminary and antique leather-bound gardening books), a newly thrifted silver rim ice bowl, and D’s fabric pumpkins from last year.

On the other side of the room, we replaced our pink and green scrappy quilts with my whimsical Matte Stevens New Orleans print, and balanced the oranges and yellows with a lively contrasting turquoise (I know, you’re shocked).

We snagged the remaining dahlias from the yard and mixed in dried crocosmia seed pods that we harvested at the same time.

How are you decorating for the fall? Leave a link!


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