Awesome people doing awesome things

Sometimes this blog goes quiet. Often its because D and I are busy busy busy. Sometimes its a creative block. Or, this time of year, no quality daylight to take photos. But sometimes, its something else.

The last couple weeks the world has felt heavy. Between Sandy and Politics, I’ve just felt overwhelmed with the seriousness of the world. With so many people still dealing with the effects, and the stress regarding the election (even if it did go mostly my way in the end), it felt frivolous to post about design and craft. Blogging in general just felt trivial.

The thing that always brings me back to this space, though, is the community we have built through this creative project we call our blog. Even though neither of us do this for money or with the goal of turning it into a full time gig, we put ourselves out into the blogging community and have become better people for it. We have met amazing friends online and in real life, both near and close and it is those people that fuel what we do here.

In the course of knowing many of these people, some new amazing ventures have been started. I am SO proud of many of these people I call friends because they have taken a leap of faith and thrown themselves wholeheartedly into something they love and are making their dreams come true. So, in the midst of the seriousness that is the world, I’ve decided to start a new series I’m calling “Awesome people doing Awesome Things” in order to introduce these friends of ours. Because thats just what they are… awesome.

Here is a sneak peek of ¬†the folks we’ll be featuring once a week for the next little while. I can’t wait to introduce them to you!


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