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You know how you always see an awesome piece of furniture in a space via pinterest or blogs and you just love it. But then you look at the dimensions online and you realize that for one reason or another it won’t fit in your space? Sad trombone. One of the best ways to get just the right piece for your home is to find that inspiration and build it yourself. Combine the perfect dimensions in the style you love and have fun doing it, too!

The other day we were offerred the chance to review the PERFECT new resource for customizing your home. Have you heard of Ana White? She’s, like, the goddess of all things home-DIY. Her site has literally THOUSANDS of plans to use for a multitude of projects, and from what we hear she’s a pretty awesome gal. And, she manages to thwart any DIY-frump stereotype by being gorgeous while doing this all. So when we had the chance to review a copy of her new book The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room we totally jumped all over it!44

Firstly, the book is paperback and an awesome size for toting around the house while you create your project. And its cute and easy to read. In fact, the graphics look verrry familiar (to our blog design) so of course we thought it was very clever.

She begins the book by introducing you to the tools you’ll need and some of the basics of simple furniture construction. I think this is where a lot of people get intimidated with the process, so I love that she breaks it down so simply. Theres also a handy metric conversion chart for the Canadians in the audience :)

After that, the book includes a great range of simple projects for each space in your house. The instructions are super easy to understand; we can’t wait to try out a few of these for our place. I think this recycling console would be so perfect in our kitchen!

With Ana’s basic plans, we are eager to try customizing these projects that we’ve been pinning recently:

This bookcase made from crates: {via brandonandshelby}

This hutch with old doors used as the front of the cabinet:  {via hammerandhand}

This tabletop made from an old door:  {via rubyrhino}

Check out Ana’s Book. This is one of the best visuals I’ve seen for beginner furniture making, and its such a little investment to be able to really make your house your own!

*We were provided a copy of Handbuilt Home to review, but all opinions and photos are our own.Disclaimer: Purchase of Handbuilt Home through the Amazon Affiliate links above may result in shared earnings for The Ravenna Girls*

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  1. This looks like a great book! It would be helpful for my husband, who is just starting to learn to build things. Looks like it would be very easy to follow.

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