Synchro Swim Pattern

Every time the Olympics end, they seem a far memory, don’t they? We always get so excited, glued to our TVs, but after they’re over its another couple years for the hype to re-build.

Lately I’ve been really intrigued by pattern design. Its something that seems so easy in concept, but not knowing much about the mechanics of it I’m sure its actually very tricky to make a successful pattern. I stumbled upon this whimsical retro synchronized swimming pattern and was instantly transported back to glimmer of this summer’s London games.

Aren’t these patterns fantastic??

Images by SketchThisOut. Via.


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3 thoughts on “Synchro Swim Pattern

  1. Love this! Synchronized swimming is so fascinating. It makes no sense whatsoever (I’m going to be a synchronized swimmer when I grow up! … ?? ) But I guess we still can’t help but be drawn in.

    Side note: (I’m out-ing myself as a Bachelor watcher here) my favorite episode of reality TV ever- on Bachelor Pad (not this season) when they had to synchronize a routine. Hilarious. :)

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