Hey October,  Fancy meeting you here.  I’m kind of surprised to see you, but delighted at the same time.  It might be because this is some beautiful weather you are serving us.  When it doesn’t rain all the time, I’m pretty happy.  Plus, less rain equals really happy blooming dahlias for longer.


No really, they are magnificent.  I’m sitting out in the sun.  The morning air is crisp, but I’m sitting out here looking and admiring them.  I have pictures of them in FULL bloom back in late July.  While last year I think the actual plants were larger… this year wins for more blooms for longer.

The peek up through the leaves.  One day they burst open.  Each one amazes me .  Each petal that looks like the colors were painted on it with perfection.  Each head that soars towards the sky.

I love that the dahlias take us from summer into fall.  Summer’s beauty is still here, but fall is coming in.  And I’m ready.

The summer was magnificently full of friends and family, laughter and learning, exploration and excitement.

But this morning I feel like I am sitting back and watching fall come in.  I have socks and a fleece on as I read and think.  I stumbled across a few new blogs to delight in discovering.  One had this quote up, which I love, for oh-so-many-reasons.

Pretty terrific!

Plus, this sun means I still get in sunshine rollerblades aroound Greenlake.



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4 thoughts on “perfection

  1. I just clicked over after following your comment in my little space. Your blog is so beautiful and I was happily admiring the dahlias when my own picture scrolled up and surprised me. :) I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  2. Around April, we planted dahlia bulbs along our walkway border. They have gone absolutely NUTS. They’re huge, tons of blooms, and it just keeps on going. They’re gorgeous!

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