Lemon House Loves: Gold Mega Clips

Ever since my April Ten on Ten post, I’ve gotten lots of questions on my super jumbo gold paperclips in the photo above. This photo was taken right after I bought them, but these “Mega Clips” have since become my go-to office accessory.

Growing up, I HATED yellow gold. I think it stemmed from being a child of the 80s and seeing bad bad gold and brass everywhere. But just a couple years ago as gold came back into fashion and interiors, I became a bit of a fan. I like that little glam touch.

So walking through Staples one day, I spotted a pack of these and picked them up for fun. The jumbo size was just so whimsical! Even though they are Staples Brand, I haven’t been able to find them on their website. They are available on Amazon and in Staples stores (I just saw them there last week).

They’ve replaced the ubiquitously ugly binder clip in my carefully sorted piling system and they give a little cheer to my desk everyday. Nothing like a little $4 to spruce up your office space!

** This is not a sponsored post. We are members of Amazon.com affiliate program and may be compensated for purchases made through the links above. This product was not purchased through the affiliate program, we just like the idea of sharing things + places we love with other people who may be able to love them one day too. Read our other Lemon House Loves posts here **


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