Soak it all in

Its been quiet around here, ironically.

Summer in Seattle is an amazing thing to witness really. It rains through fourth of july and everyone complains that summer will never come. But slowly the sun peeks its head out and BAM! Before you know it, its one breathtakingly beautiful day after another.

You can practically hear the brakes squeally across town as people stop everything to get out and enjoy it. Instead of golden hour, its golden month, and its absolutely splendid.

So, we’ve been practicing Blog after Life, and the irony comes in that there has been A LOT of life happening around here. Birthdays, families, travel, exciting talks about the future. Our garden is in full harvest mode. Exciting new projects at work, and of course, a little bit of stress.

D and I have been diving head first into whats left of Seattle’s beautiful summer. This weekend we slept in, went to get coffee, and flipped through the issue of Sunset that had landed in our mailbox moments earlier. They have a feature called “Weekend Day Trip”, and in this month’s magazine, they were featuring Vashon Island, which is just a short drive and short ferry ride from our house. I said, that sounds fun, and D said, yes it does! And I said “Let’s go!” and so we did. Literally we drove home to grab sweatshirts and we drove toward the ferry.

It was the most spontaneous thing we’ve done in a long, long time, and there was such satisfaction in the afternoon of exploring and not really having anywhere to be. We have lots more photos to share of our little impromptu day-trip, but for now this is just to say to all of you – if there is something you’ve been talking about doing, just do it. Laundry and yard work can wait for a little while, but these moments are fleeting and sometimes it feels good to just soak it all up.

Back here with regularly scheduled programming this week (I have like 20 posts in draft form).

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2 thoughts on “Soak it all in

  1. Wow, that sounds like a great trip! I’m glad you guys did that. You have a good amount of family history on Vashon Island, most of it way before you were born! Mom

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