Architecture on Trend: London 2012

We’re back with another installment of Architecture on Trend with the topic on everyone’s minds this month: The 2012 Summer Olympics! (PS, Can you believe they’re half over?) If you’ve been watching the coverage, you’ve seen most of the major shots of the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatic Center, so I wanted to showcase some images and links to information on some of the less publicized architecture of the games. The folks in London really undertook the redevelopment of a huge part of their city to make this happen, which involves a lot of infrastructure that has nothing to do with sport. I was pleased to hear that instead of pagentry and flash, they intended to infuse these facilities with sustainable strategies and features. Hopefully these buildings will help this neighborhood last far into the future (in contrast to some of the facilities in Beijing).

Their whimsical pump stations infuse the spirit of the games with the purple paint but also tell a story in a modern way.

In my opinion, the velodrome is the most beautiful of all the venues, its too bad its not getting as much press time.

A showcase on the design and development of Olympic Energy Centers. Full article on Olympic Infrastructure here.

An explanation of the Orbit Tower. Sort of reminds me of Tatlin’s tower, which I’m not sure is a good thing.

London’s Olympic Park Before + After


More on the architecture of Zaha Hadid, the female architect of the aquatic center.

Olympic Village – or where the Athletes get rowdy (nothing too spectacular architecturally, but still neat to see).

What has been your favorite building of the games so far?

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